Rescued from the brink – BahMi recovery is on.

Ocean row boat – Endurance has had a pretty torrid time of it over the last few months but things are turning around for the better. After spending 10 months at sea drifting across the Atlantic Ocean and being rescued by a Bahaman man out on a fishing trip. She has been cleaned up, repaired and is now preparing for the second part of her recovery. A team of three including a former Royal Marine, British Army Soldier and adventurer will depart from Eleuthera Island, Bahamas and head towards mainland USA aiming for Miami. The BahMi (Bahamas to Miami) will aim to depart in the morning of March 16th and although the weather forecast is expected to force the crew to take shelter for a few days (most likely in Nassau) there is no question that this exceptional team shall succeed. You can follow the crew’s progress via their tracker at

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