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Mission Atlantic

Mission Atlantic is not a race, it’s so much more. An opportunity for those who have served to come together, forging bonds of fraternity and friendship. All whilst taking on a challenge of staggering proportions, and raising thousands of pounds for charity.

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Meet the Crews for 2024

Andreas Tilelis is an accomplished Greek rower, distinguished as a multiple record-holder and champion in global competitions. His exceptional performances extend to both World and European championships, showcasing his prowess on the international stage.
Andreas Tileis
Captain of Oc3an Luv
Spyros Kalentzis, a distinguished Greek rower, achieved world-class status with victories at the World and European Championships. His podium finishes, including Mediterranean Games and consistent success in national competitions, highlight his exceptional rowing prowess.
Spyros Kalentzis
Crewmember of Oc3an Luv
Elias Koudounas, an accomplished Greek rower, holds titles such as Balkan and national champion. His remarkable journey includes victories in various categories, setting national records, and representing Greece on the international stage. Currently excelling in the United States as part of Mercyhurst University’s Lightweight Rowing Team.
Elias Koudounas
Crewmember of Oc3an Luv

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Cockleshell on approach

Cockleshell on approach

After such a long time at sea, grafting, grunting and grinding against the ocean Team Cockleshell Endeavour are finally able to enjoy some decent following conditions. The last time they saw land was weeks and weeks ago and although they…

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Interested In Taking Part?

If you have served in or currently serve in the military and would like to discuss how you can help rowers in their current campaigns, or are interested in knowing more to take part in the next iteration of the event. Drop us a line below, we would love to hear form you.