Day 58 – Last day at sea

After nearly 2 months at sea and with nearly no food remaining in their boat, Cockleshell Endeavour are making their final approach to Barbados. At the time of writing they have just 43nm to go (in a straight line) between them and the finish line at Port St Charles. They’ve requested a pile of fast food be ready and waiting for them and we’d be happy to oblige. As it’s the weekend there’s a high chance that the team will need to be processed through port heath and immigration down at Bridgetown in the south of the island but the Barbados coastguard have agreed to help the lads out and give them a tow down the coast. So tomorrow afternoon, don’t be surprised if the crew get to this finish and then take off at a rapid rate of knots towards the capital. After being processed through immigration the crew should then be released and be able to relax and enjoy the rest of their time on the island.

We can only imagine what arriving will mean to the crew but there’s no doubt that this will be a monumental moment for all of them. Stand by for emotional reunions and tears. I’m getting misty eyed just thinking about it. Is someone cutting onions?

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