Day 28 – 4 weeks in

So after a month let’s have something of a round up for the brave crews at sea.

They have faced strong winds and choppy seas, witnessed comet showers, phosphorescence, dolphins and some moments of utter stillness. We’ve witnessed weaving tracks and tracks held like rails despite the swell. They’ve broken equipment and mended equipment on the boat, their bums are getting sore and the novelty of freeze dried meals is definitely wearing thin. Above all they continue to move forwards. Some of you may remember the quote from “Rocky Balboa”

It‘s not how hard you hit but, it’s about how hard you can hit and keep on moving.

Rocky Balboa

This is a perfect quote for ocean rowing. Just keep moving forwards. Speed is almost irrelevant. Keeping on is key. Every session, every day, getting up and getting on the oars to get closer to Barbados.

Atlantic Dagger are only a few days away from witnessing a momentous step change when the distance remaining to Barbados dips below 1000nm. Cockleshell Endeavour are only a few days behind them.

Excitement is building.

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