Day 29 – Chapters of the book

The crews continue excellent progress towards Barbados and over the next two days should receive a little more of a stronger nudge in the right direction. The Azores high looks set to re-establish early next week bringing a little more stability to proceedings for the final stretch of the row. We haven’t heard much from our crews recently and we asked Atlantic Dagger to let us know what they had seen and what was going on.

To be honest we’ve not seen too much last week. We’ve said how each part of the journey has it’s own character that we can make a mental bookmark with. Although this part as a chapter isn’t particularly exciting…I for one am looking forward to simply standing up and walking around.

Jason Gardiner – Atlantic Dagger 2021

This sounds as though the team are already writing the memoirs of an ocean rower. We can’t wait to read what they write up when they return. We have heard tales of some who finish their row and feel a sense of sadness that the adventure is over and conversely those who are simply ecstatic to finish and never want to see a boat again. We know that 3/4 of team Cockleshell Endeavour last year are eager for the chance to return to the ocean again. Maybe we’ll see some of the Mission Atlantic crew set their sights on other adventures in time.

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