Waiting for adventure

After all the struggles of preparing for and pulling together all the equipment and boat preparations before this adventure we’re just waiting on the final piece to the puzzle. After various shipping and haulage delays on the journey to the Canary Islands the container which both boats are being shipped in arrived last week into Gran Canaria. Unfortunately for our teams, due to not one but two public holidays last week, and an early closure of customs on Friday the boats are still in their container. We are hopeful that they will be released tomorrow and thanks to our close connections with our brilliant local haulage partners should mean that the rowers will be reunited with their boats before dark.

As soon as the boats arrive it will be a case of all hands on deck. Both boats and all their equipment need to be double checked and the crews need to be tested on the location and mode of operation for all items before the boats are placed into the water. After the boats are floating it’s time for some final on-water training and drills ahead of departure towards the end of the week.

Of course the crews won’t depart until they are completely ready for the challenge, but they will also have to be aware of the weather. The long range weather forecast suggests there is a reasonable chance of some adverse weather towards the end of next week just when we hope the crews will be ready to depart. If those weather models indicating adverse winds do come true then the crews will have to spend an extra few days in port until the more favourable trade winds re-establish.

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