Day 27 – Mutual respect and support

As we’ve tried to highlight before, Mission Atlantic isn’t a race. The crews naturally want to perform at their best but they aren’t interested in beating the other boats. The spirit of community, fraternity and support is actually front and centre to the ethos of this row. As if to further highlight this Atlantic Dagger forwarded us a message to pass on to their comrades on oars.

Afternoon men, I hope your bums are as sore as ours. Wishing you following seas and winds. I find comfort in knowing you’re out here too. Not a lot to report, well stuck into our routines, bodies are so bad and counting down the days! Beards all around. Cheers, Conor

Conor – Atlantic Dagger Skipper

And blow me down with a feather if Cockleshell Endeavour didn’t respond with an equally lovely message of support and respect for their brothers.

Hello gents! Made our day hearing from u. Glad to hear it isn’t just us with sore bums and hot balls. Wishing you all well, keep smashing it, awesome progress! Save us a beer in Barbados! We’re coming. Nearly there chaps, keep grafting. Love Cockleshell

Cockleshell Endeavour

It really is enough to get you quite emotional.

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