Day 21 – A swim, a scrape and a shot

We heard through the grape vine that Cockleshell Endeavour had recently enjoyed a rather special day.

We cleaned the bottom of the boat today and all had a swim/clean (first proper one in 10 days) then saw some dolphins had a glass of port and back on it again”

Cockleshell Endeavour 2021

Does it get any better than that? Today they have seen more bioluminescent plankton lighting up the water as the oars dip into it. To further add to this surreal sensation, the winds are very light at the moment. In conditions such as these the sounds of waves breaking or hitting the hull disappear. The only sound you hear (other than your snoring colleagues in the cabin) is the plop of your oars entering the water and the gently swoosh as they leave the water. Magical times for our lads from Exeter.

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