Day 16 – The edge of relief

After around a week of stronger weather conditions there is relief in slight for the crews. Wind speeds are due to drop over the next 24 hours from 16-20kts down to 12-16kts. Then on Sunday they’re expected to decrease again from 14kts in the morning to around 7kts in the afternoon. A gentle breeze to round out the weekend to. We know it won’t last forever and there’s still likely to be patchy showers from time to time but this will feel like a break for our rowers. Sure the stronger winds won’t be helping them along as much…but everyone needs a pit stop every now and again. We’ll expect that the crews will want to dry out any wet parts of their bedding (which will most likely be all parts of their bedding) and take the opportunity for a freshwater shower where there’s less chance that they’ll instantly be splashed by a salty wave immediately eroding the good work of the freshwater rinse.

But before all that making merry and laundry, our eight oarsman still have a weekend of wind to contend with. The Battle of the Breeze is ongoing.

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