Day 44 – Chilli peanuts and the lack thereof

Not much to add on yesterday’s situation report. The last 24 hours has seen both crews pulling between 45 and 50 nm. Cockleshell are making an admirable push, making up some time lost over a difficult last few days which have been particularly trying for them, seeing them face numerous challenges. After a satellite phone consultation with a doctor, Bevs has been recommended a course of antibiotics to treat the worsening sores on his rear end.

Whilst salt water sores are a familiar malady to most ocean rowers, and can usually be treated with frequent fresh water rinses and exposure to fresh air allowing them to dry out. This is why ocean rowers famously tend to row naked. There are, though, still places where that might prove difficult. They also tend to spend at least 12 hours of the day sitting on the job. When already 6 weeks in and the body is at a fairly low ebb, infection is definitely a very real concern.

When rowing last year we suffered from similar ailments and christened the severely chafed undercarriage of a crew member (who, tactfully, shall remain nameless) “the chilli peanuts” in tribute to the 500g bags of seasoned nuts taken with them. If this wasn’t cause enough for concern, due to the slightly slower than expected progress, Cockleshell have started to ration their food. Thankfully they started this process about a week ago and so although they won’t be on their full calorific intake and are sure to notice the shortfall they won’t be starving. Just bloody hungry. Whilst possible it will not be easy, so we all have our fingers crossed for fair winds and following seas!

Today was also an important milestone for Atlantic Dagger who received only four days of weather forecasts instead of the usual five. We send the crews a personalised weather report every day based on their current position and where we expect them to be based on the progress made over the last 24 hours. Atlantic Dagger are in such a position that the weather report for 96h hence simply read “On land”. Not long now lads.

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