Atlantic Dagger pushing their boat on a wheeled cradle in Pasito Blanco marina

Boats arrive

After various haulage, shipping and customs delays the container, with the boats in, was finally delivered to the marina today. All hands were on deck for the opening of the container. The boats had been very well secured and strapped down by our freight forwarding partners at Trade Freight International and about an hour of hammering and bashing ensued before both boats were extracted and gently lifted to the floor.

The crews are now getting stuck into their preparations unpacking, checking and repacking all items of equipment, food and ballast water as well as having a few minor repairs and tweaks.

We always keep one eye on the weather and being frank, it’s not looking great for the end of this week with headwinds forecast, unless the crews change their minds and decide to row to the North African coastline instead. We’ll keep a keen eye on the forecast as it develops but it’s likely we’ll be in Gran Canaria just a little longer.

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