Arrival day – Atlantic Dagger

After a gruelling 48 days 4 hours and 17 minutes of rowing Atlantic Dagger arrived in Port St Charles. Due to Covid restrictions they had to hang around for a while waiting for health inspectors to confirm that they were free of Covid (not difficult given that they’ve been in isolation for 6 weeks) but this was far better than having to row down to Bridgetown.
Oscar obviously didn’t want to leave the boat though on some subconscious level and forgot to unclip the tether on his harness. As he stepped out of the boat the tether went taught and Oscar was catapulted back onto Danielle’s open deck. All members of the crew were in great spirits given the scale of the challenge they had just completed and were medically in pretty good condition save from some sore rear ends and hands which are all heavily calloused.

Everyone wobbled around on land briefly before sitting down in the luxury of Pier One. Comfy seats, in the shade, cool drinks and tasty food. What more could a tired ocean rower ask for?

Cockleshell Endeavour look set to break the 500nm to go mark within the next 36 hours and are set from some really helpful tailwinds over the next week. Hopefully they’ll be able to make the best of the conditions and really up their pace. Go on team! Today to congratulate Atlantic Dagger they sent the following message using their satellite communicator.

Just heard the news of your arrival lads, what an achievement we are all buzzing for you! enjoy that first beer and the following 20! Hopefully your arses heal up quickly we feel your pain. Looking forward to catching up with you all back in the UK. Congratulations, hoofing effort!
The Cockleshell Lads
Ps if you fancy rowing back out and dropping off some extra rations, feel free

Cockleshell Endeavour 2021

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