Day 47 – The final countdown

And so team Atlantic Dagger come towards the end of their long voyage. They’ve encountered waves and whales, dolphins and darkness, stars and solitude. For the last 47 days these brave former Royal Marines have been giving it their everything to haul their boat and their team mates to the beautiful island of Barbados. Tonight as they enjoy their final night on the ocean they may just be able to spot a faint glow of habitation on the horizon. In the absolute blackness of ocean life (especially with it not being long since the new moon) even the merest hint of artificial illumination is noticeable.

We can only imagine the level of excitement the crews are feeling right now. They must be absolutely buzzing.

We’ll do our best to capture their arrival and share it as soon as possible so please do keep an eye out for updates as the first crew arrive into their very own tropical paradise.

Meanwhile, Team Cockleshell Endeavour continue to slog it out. Their tenacity and unwillingness to lay down and give in demonstrates an incredible level of determination and drive. The beach and the party when they arrive, will be nothing short of legendary.

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