Day 6 – Not a race but…

We think we’ve been pretty clear that Mission Atlantic isn’t a race or an event. We supply support to crews who want to row the Atlantic independently. It’s actually a happy coincidence that both crews were ready and wanted to leave together. I mean who doesn’t love a bit of company on the ocean, even if it is over the horizon?

From the start Cockleshell Endeavour have been ‘in the lead’ or at least ‘nearest the finish’. At one time we were starting to wonder what we were seeing. The crews are in virtually identical boats with virtually identical equipment and yet one crew were leading and continued to pull away. Of course good things must come to an end and the slight change in wind direction from north east to east appears to have favoured the Atlantic Dagger who are now just 13.8nm further from Barbados. Over the last 24 hours they have managed to row a staggering 3.2nm to Barbados more than Cockleshell Endeavour. If this trend continues (which it won’t), it’s only a matter of 5 days before they take the lead.

This ‘racing blog’ shows how hyped up commentary on ‘races’ of this nature can be. The influences which go to impact the speed of the crews are multiple and varied. From waves to wind to crew morale, boat trim, health of the rowers and equipment failure. Speeds of individual boats will ebb and flow as the challenge progresses. This isn’t about one boat versus another. It’s not about a crew versus the clock. This is about eight men, coming together to overcome all the challenges they face, by becoming closer. By becoming a team. By becoming brothers. Some of those challenges they may even bring with them. Together they will work through each issue which arises. Adapt and overcome.

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