Day 24 – Water or air

With lighter winds coming from a less helpful direction both crews have found the last few days more challenging than the recent past. Both crews were concerned that they had rowed into an area of current flowing back towards Gran Canaria and were asking about the best way to avoid it. For certain the current hasn’t been helpful (as it’s been flowing north) but it’s mainly the lack of following winds which have made the ocean feel like treacle for both crews. So what is the answer? How to get around it. Heading south won’t help as south of 19.1°N right at the longitude of Cockleshell Endeavour right now there is a wedge of current which flows to the SE so in an even less helpful direction. The only thing to do is to keep pressing onwards and feel confident that better and more helpful NE winds will return by the end of the weekend. The further good news is that if Cockleshell can get themselves a little further west then they should find more favourable current at the same sort of longitudes that Atlantic Dagger are currently occupying.

Keep your heads up lads. Better conditions are around the corner, well figuratively speaking anyway.

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