Day 25 – Azores low?

Ordinarily the weather systems of the southern part of the North Atlantic Ocean are controlled by the virtually ever-present Azores high. This high pressure system sits over the top of the Azores. Although it often gets shoved, kicked and knocked about by low pressure systems rolling out of the USA the status quo is normally returned fairly quickly…until now. For the last week and a bit a low pressure system has broken into the house and has been running amuck, bouncing around throwing rain and lighting around and generally making itself a very unwanted guest.

Normally the crews rowing the Atlantic at this time of year could expect reliable winds out the of East with a small Northerly component thrown in for good measure. The forecasts for the last few days have all been with a prevalence of north or north north east winds showing up. Our crews are a tough bunch and there’s not much that phases them but the chance of having following breezes certainly is something which the crews are eager to experience.

Looks great! Looking forwards to getting those NE’s behind us!!

Atlantic Dagger 2021

As of this morning the weather forecast calls for north easterly (NE) winds returning for the duration of the forecast from tomorrow morning onwards. Atlantic Dagger will enjoy winds of around 12-16kt whereas Cockleshell Endeavour are likely to receive slightly less strong winds of around 10-14kt. As the crews move to the west we can expect that they will start to receive stronger winds and maybe even some following seas. It’s fair to expect that boat speeds will really start to increase over the next few days and both boats enjoy some following weather.

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