Day 18 – The sound of silence

When grinding out a 2km test on a rowing machine which lasts maybe 6 or 7 minutes it’s natural that energetic pump-up music is chosen. Of course when the duration of the session is significantly longer, the mood of music generally selected alters significantly.

Both crews have a Bluetooth speakers and their phones which are crammed with a wide variety of auditory entertainment across a range of genres. Audiobooks, podcasts and dramatizations are ever popular. We already know that Atlantic Dagger have been enjoying the unabridged version of the Lord of the Rings in the long evening shifts. Although we have also heard that Mitch an Conor were cracking the seal on some Ludovicio Einaudi at night.

On Cockleshell Endeavour they’ve been changing it up from time to time with a wide variety of music types. They have also been enjoying periods of no music at all. The sound of silence.

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