Day 3 – Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas 🎄

The crews have been battling with some troublesome waves over the last 24 hours which has seen their pace slashed almost in half. As the crews travel more to the south we can expect the waves to start coming more and more behind them but it will take at least a week before we can expect this. Apart from this Christmas onboard has been generally uneventful. Secret Santa visited Atlantic Dagger and we look forward to hearing about what gifts were received tomorrow.

Cockleshell Endeavour reported a watermaker issue but after a bit of fiddling the new unit was fully operational again. There’s a chance that the issue was caused by air getting sucked into the feed water being pumped into the unit. This can sometimes be caused by waves rocking the boat exposing the water inlet. We’ll keep a close eye on its efficiency over the next few days.

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