Day 4 – Over the shoulder

It’s only natural to look over your shoulder from time to time. Despite the vast distances involved there’s always that nagging feeling that you may be able to see something just up ahead. It’s fascinating that in the last 24 hours both crews have asked for contact details for the other crew. One benefit of being part of Mission Atlantic, is the comradeship that comes with being part of a community. Although the crossing is independent there is a sense that it’s part of something bigger. Being part of that community all taking on the same challenge, is what makes us stronger. It’s also fascinating to wonder what the messages will be between the crews. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

We suspect there won’t be much sledging. More than likely the discussion will be around shared experiences, of hints and tips. The crews have (thus far) only asked how the other team are getting on, but interestingly never where they are. We’re so used to managing races it is actually quite a breath of fresh air to have crews focus on the journey not the destination. On the rowing, not on the result.

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