Day 19 – No news is…

…quiet. It’s been fairly quiet today at Mission Atlantic HQ. No grumbling crews complaining (not that they do often). No status updates. Only the speeds and positions of the crews, updated every 10 minutes, to give us an indication of what’s going on. The only piece of new information we can layer on top of this is the weather forecast for the next few days. A low pressure system is lining up to pass behind and to the north of our crews. The good news is that both crews are far enough south to dodge out of the way of any significantly impactful conditions and it’s unlikely to force them to unpack the parachute anchor (thank goodness).

It will mean that they will encounter very light winds for a day of fairly calm and relaxing rowing. Before they fill in a day later from the NNW, rather than the somewhat more prevalent NE which has been such a joy for them to row in over the last couple of weeks. This will force the lads to put up a bit of a battle to avoid being blown backwards bit the expected wind speeds aren’t too high and these adverse winds won’t last too long. Before this time next week normal service (and following winds will be well and truly re-established). We’re sure the crews will enjoy a few days of lighter winds before wishing for the more helpful winds to return.

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